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Serving Florida Since 1999, our main focus was on Florida Homeowners and a way to give them more choices on how to custom tailor their coverages. We slowly grew to add over 25 companies just for Homeowner Insurance while at the same time added Automobile, Health, Life and Commercial Insurance to our portfolio.
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What we do as an independent agent for multiple homeowners companies…

We enjoy our primary responsibility which is to focus on our customer’s needs, so that we can prepare you personalized custom quotations based on rates from multiple companies for insurance options. Discovering needs process to educate customers about insurance options and discounts that are available based on different companies, and then provide guidance on selecting appropriate insurance coverage limits and regulations. Everyone needs a little something that is different.

The difference between Insurance Warehouses and Direct Companies

We work with multiple insurance companies for the same product and since every company want specific types of risk we can custom tailor a product that matches you to the right company. Now since a lot of these companies do not advertise like the Direct Companies most of these companies work through independent agents like us. So it is important to ask how many companies do you really have to choose from?? Also with Independent agents you do have a resource when it comes to losses and claims and see if they are covered based on your policy.

“They gave me lots of choices and walked me through each and every one of them......”

Jenny T, Orlando, FL

“Very friendly staff who explained my policy in great detail....”

Sammy J, Miami, FL

Florida Homeowners Insurance

Home Insurance in Florida has different categories divided up based on the risk, like Primary Residence, Secondary Home, Rental Dwelling, Condo Owners, Townhomes, Vacant Dwellings and Builders Risk. At the same time lot of companies do it also based on how the ownership to the home is taken in like a Trust or a Corporation. Further details on how a quote is prepared. To insure the home correctly the risk has to be assessed in detail so that the company can know exactly what it takes to build a home just like that in case of a catastophy and it will be inspected. From the roof to the foundation, the windows and door to the size of the home, from the details they can ascertain the value it takes to replace the home exactly like it was before. Also the personal property in the home can be assessed for excess coverages for jewelry, guns, cash and so on.
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