Florida Rental Home Insurances

Homeowners / Primary Home

In many cases, the landlord of your apartment or house will have insurance that only provides coverage for the building and its grounds using Homeowners Insurance or Landlord Insurance; leaving at risk the protection of your own personal belongings (assets) against any damage or loss caused by fire or severe storm weather; theft/burglary, or any accident that you or someone may have in your apartment/house space. Renters insurance provides the coverage that you may need to protect your personal belongings and valuables in case there is a fire, theft or any another type of loss. Save yourself time, headaches, and a lot of money by getting Renters Insurance and protect yourself from personal financial risks.


Your insurance agent can help you determine the amount of coverage and options that are applicable to your individual situation. The coverage begins with the estimation of the replacement cost of the home which is different for each company that practices in the state of Florida. You will also have the option to add liability or loss of use/rent coverages to your dwelling fire policy. In addition, you can add liability or loss to the contents that are permanently attached to the home that is property of the owner -- cabinets, fixtures inside walls, etc.


We recommend that you review your policy coverages on an annual basis with your agent. If during the year you are planning to make renovations to the rental property -- kitchen renovations or replacing your current roof with a new one, be sure to contact your agent so that your policy can be updated. Major repairs and enhancements to the home may qualify for a premium credit!

Keep in mind that that the dwelling coverage (Coverage-A on your policy) needs to be sufficient to cover debris removal, the cost to rebuild your home, and expenses to meet current building code. This is not the real estate or tax appraised value of the home.

Call us today to help you determine the best Coverage-A! At Insurance Warehouses of America, we have access to software that can help you make this decision based on the current building construction materials and labor costs in your area!


  • Burglar alarm - Central
  • Fire alarm - Central
  • New house
  • Updated or Renovated home
  • Gated community patrol service
  • Residential sprinkler system
  • Fire resistive
  • Masonry construction
  • Claims free
  • Storm shutters
  • Location based rating
  • Wind Mitigation Report
  • Hip Roof

Let Insurance Warehouses of America help you find the right renal insurance for your single-family or duplex homes. Our licensed agents have access to software what will determine the ideal coverages to your specific needs! Also, they can help you determine what discounts your rental home qualifies for.