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Boat/Watercraft Insurance in Florida

When you obtain insurance for your boat or watercraft, you will no longer have to worry about financial issues regarding accidents on or off the water. We offer several boat and watercraft insurance policies here at Insurance Warehouses of America in Orlando, FL. If you are unsure about what to look for in a watercraft insurance policy, we can assist you.

Boat/Watercraft Insurance Requirements

Watercraft and boat insurance is not required in Florida. However, this doesn’t mean that boat owners should skip coverage. If you choose not to insure your boat, you will be held responsible for damages that could be painful to your pockets, especially if there are any injuries. Additionally, a marina may require you to show insurance proof if you consider keeping your boat docked there.


Here are some coverage options you can consider when shopping for boat insurance:

  • Navigational area- It is essential to know where you are covered while in the water. It is common for this coverage to protect you up to 75 miles from the coastline in the U.S. into the coastline in Canada.
  • Agreed value coverage- Just like cars, boats also depreciate. This will protect you if your boat is a total loss. You will become eligible for the value for which you insured it.
  • Liability- This will provide coverage to other boat owners if you are at fault for an accident while on the water. This will pay for repair costs or replacement costs.
  • Medical payments- This will pay for medical expenses resulting from a boating accident.
  • Physical damage coverage- This will pay for repair or replacement expenses if your boat or any equipment attached to it is damaged or stolen.


To obtain a boat and watercraft insurance quote, please visit our Insurance Warehouses of America office. We are located in Orlando, FL.

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