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Life Insurance in Florida

If you are looking for insurance within Florida to keep your dependents safe when you are gone, life insurance will be your ideal coverage to get. From helping your loved ones cover final expenses to providing financial relief for years to come, these are just some benefits that life coverage will provide. Below, Insurance Warehouses of America dives into the types of life insurance that Orlando, FL policy seekers should consider getting.

Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance protects you for a given number of years based on your underlying needs. If you die within the stipulated timeframe in your coverage, your beneficiaries receive death payouts. If, however, you outlive your policy, your loved ones will not receive the payouts. This coverage allows policy seekers to extend their insurance to permanent coverage, allowing you to get extended protection.

Whole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance protects you until your death. This makes this coverage a type of permanent insurance. It builds cash value over its use, allowing you and your beneficiaries to get increased benefits. Your loved ones will still receive the death payouts when you pass away, helping them take care of needs such as tuition fees, property taxes, and childcare costs. It can also be redeemed, allowing you to utilize the payouts for purposes such as retirement use.

Universal Life Insurance

Universal life insurance also falls under the permanent coverage category and will last until you die. Like whole life insurance, it also comes with a cash value benefit available to your beneficiaries when you die. It, however, allows for flexibility, allowing policyholders to take care of ongoing life changes. Examples of these are getting a child, changing jobs, or getting a mortgage.

Life insurance is paramount to everybody. To get any of the above life insurance coverage options within Orlando, FL, consider reaching out to Insurance Warehouses of America today. Our policies are customized with Florida's needs in mind.

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