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When Employer Life Insurance Isn’t Enough

If your employer offers life insurance, in most cases, you should probably take it, but keep in mind that those employer’s policies might not be your best bet to safeguard your peace of mind and your family’s well-being. Read on to learn how Insurance Warehouses of America helps Orlando, FL residents find the life insurance they need to protect what matters most.

While great, if your employer does indeed offer life insurance, you are probably limited to choosing from a smaller pool of policy options. You should absolutely take advantage of any employer-provided life insurance. Still, you should also think about supplementing that with a personal policy that could follow you around no matter what job you have.

Unlike guaranteed-level-premium life insurance that you may purchase on your own, which costs you the same amount each year as long as you hold the policy, policies provided by employers typically become more expensive as you get older. If you are healthy and at the younger end of the age curve, individual-market insurance is cheaper than premiums to purchase additional coverage under your employer’s group plan. Even if your employer offers you the option of buying additional coverage through a group plan (and only a few employees opt to do so), it usually has a cap that is several times your salary. 

Insurance Warehouses of America can carefully assess how much insurance coverage you and your family will need. Most workers who receive their insurance coverage through work are unsure of where their life insurance will come from if they switch jobs, are laid off, have their employer go out of business, or change their job status from full-time to part-time. We urge Orlando, FL residents to reach out to us today to discover what life insurance is right for you.

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