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What May Not Be Covered Under Your Home Insurance

One of the reasons it is critical to have your homeowners’ insurance reviewed occasionally is that homeowners can often forget about what may or may not be covered. When you secure home insurance through Insurance Warehouses of America, serving the Orlando, FL metroplex, you have access to agents who can answer your questions, discover and fill in gaps, and provide up-to-date quotes.

Here are some common misperceptions about home insurance and what may not be covered:


Many homeowners don’t understand that flooding is generally not covered under basic home insurance policies. This is separate coverage administered by the Federal Government and FEMA and must be secured separately. This is particularly critical in Florida, where new construction and storms are prevalent, and flood plains are changing.


Damage from earth movements such as earthquakes and sinkholes is usually not covered under standard home insurance policies. This too is important to keep in mind in Florida, where sinkholes occur more often than in other states.


Damage from termites is not covered under basic home insurance policies. Termite prevention is considered part of home maintenance. That being said, many services that are designed to provide termite control may offer separate protection under their own guarantee.

Damage From Lack of Maintenance

Homeowners are responsible for properly maintaining their properties. Damage that occurs to a rotting wooden fence, for example, would likely not be covered.

We Can Help!

If you have questions about home insurance or would find a review of your homeowners’ insurance helpful, we invite you to reach out to us at Insurance Warehouses of America in Orlando, FL. A home insurance review and price quotes are free and come under no obligation. Contact us today.

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