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Can Friends From Overseas Drive My Car?

Here in Orlando, FL we have many international connections, from our residents and visitors to links with sister cities around the world. You might even be one of our many international residents and wonder if you can let your friends visiting from overseas drive your car here. At Insurance Warehouses of America, we can help. We know that it can be helpful if your visitor needs to make an appointment, volunteer to run errands, or take a tour of the area.

With a driver’s license from their home country, are they good to go in the U.S.? FSU advises students that they should bring both their driver’s license from their home country and the International Driving Permit that’s issued before they come to the U.S. That’s a wise choice even in areas of the U.S. where the IDP is not required because it helps make clear to local officials that the person has a valid driver’s license, especially when the text on the license is in a foreign language. For visits longer than 30 days, it may be necessary to get a Florida driver’s license.

Taking Your License While You Travel

The IDP is also something you can bring with you when visiting overseas to facilitate driving, even renting a car. Some countries require it, and it’s easily obtained online or from the AAA before you leave. If you love to travel, you’ll find this handy information and chances are, you’ll be able to help people who want to visit you in exchange! As always, if you’re unsure about your insurance situation, we’re here at Insurance Warehouses of America to help you navigate legal requirements and insurance policies for drivers in Orlando, FL. Just give our friendly professionals a call with your questions!

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