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Special Considerations in Insuring a Sports Car or Exotic Car

Before you breeze around Orlando, FL in your new sports car or exotic car, you’ll need to insure it against loss. That means insuring it with auto insurance from Insurance Warehouses of America that fully covers its unique glory.

When you purchase an exotic vehicle or sports car, you choose full coverage auto insurance because you want to protect your financial investment from the expense of needing to replace it out of pocket. These unique vehicles cost upwards of $100,000, so insuring them against collision and natural hazards makes sense.

Collision and Comprehensive Coverage

To completely protect yourself from out-of-pocket expenses, we suggest a little insurance alliteration – the three Cs of collision and comprehensive coverage. The state-mandated insurance in Florida only protects the other drivers on the road. To protect yourself from financial loss from needing to repair or replace your vehicle, you need collision and comprehensive.

Collision reimburses you for repairs or pays for the cost of replacing a totaled vehicle when you damage or destroy yours in a collision. It doesn’t matter what you crash into – another car, a fence, the garage wall, etc. Collision pays you for the damage to your own vehicle. It also pays if you let your teen or spouse drive your prized possession, and they crash it into another car, a fence, the garage wall, etc.

Comprehensive covers all the things that no one ever thinks will actually happen until they do. It covers natural hazards, man-made perils, and random acts of nature. That catch-all policy protects from everything ranging from fire and wildfire to protesters at a riot. If it damages your exotic car, it is covered. Falling tree branches, luggage that accidentally falls out of a plane, even if Wiley Coyote accidentally dropped a piano on your car, this covers your loss.

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Reach out to us at Insurance Warehouses of America In Orlando, FL for auto insurance coverage that fully protects you from financial loss if your sports car or exotic car sustains damage or gets destroyed. Call or email us today to get your policy started.

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