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Life Insurance Riders: Enhancing Your Coverage

Life insurance coverage for the Orlando, FL area offers essential financial protection for your loved ones in the event of your passing. However, life insurance has evolved to provide more than a death benefit. Life insurance riders, or add-ons, allow policyholders to customize their coverage to meet specific circumstances. 

Life Insurance Riders

Accelerated Death Benefit Rider

The accelerated death benefit rider allows you to access a portion of your death benefit if you’re diagnosed with a terminal illness. This rider can provide financial support during a difficult time, helping you cover medical expenses, outstanding debts, or other financial obligations.

Critical Illness Rider

The critical illness rider provides a lump-sum payment if you’re diagnosed with a covered critical illness, such as cancer, heart attack, or stroke. This payment can cover medical treatment, rehabilitation costs, or other financial needs due to the illness.

Waiver of Premium Rider

Life insurance premiums can become a burden if you cannot work due to disability. The waiver of premium rider ensures that if you become disabled and unable to work, your life insurance premiums will be waived while your coverage remains in force.

Accidental Death Benefit Rider

Accidents can happen unexpectedly, and the accidental death benefit rider offers an additional payout if your death results from an accident. This rider can provide added financial protection for your beneficiaries in case of accidental death.

Child Rider

For parents, the child rider allows you to add coverage for your children under your life insurance policy. In the unfortunate event of a child’s death, this rider can help cover funeral expenses and provide financial support during a difficult time.

Insurance Warehouses of America Can Help You

At Insurance Warehouses of America, we can answer all your questions concerning life insurance. We assist the Orlando, FL region. Contact us today.  

What May Not Be Covered Under Your Home Insurance

One of the reasons it is critical to have your homeowners’ insurance reviewed occasionally is that homeowners can often forget about what may or may not be covered. When you secure home insurance through Insurance Warehouses of America, serving the Orlando, FL metroplex, you have access to agents who can answer your questions, discover and fill in gaps, and provide up-to-date quotes.

Here are some common misperceptions about home insurance and what may not be covered:


Many homeowners don’t understand that flooding is generally not covered under basic home insurance policies. This is separate coverage administered by the Federal Government and FEMA and must be secured separately. This is particularly critical in Florida, where new construction and storms are prevalent, and flood plains are changing.


Damage from earth movements such as earthquakes and sinkholes is usually not covered under standard home insurance policies. This too is important to keep in mind in Florida, where sinkholes occur more often than in other states.


Damage from termites is not covered under basic home insurance policies. Termite prevention is considered part of home maintenance. That being said, many services that are designed to provide termite control may offer separate protection under their own guarantee.

Damage From Lack of Maintenance

Homeowners are responsible for properly maintaining their properties. Damage that occurs to a rotting wooden fence, for example, would likely not be covered.

We Can Help!

If you have questions about home insurance or would find a review of your homeowners’ insurance helpful, we invite you to reach out to us at Insurance Warehouses of America in Orlando, FL. A home insurance review and price quotes are free and come under no obligation. Contact us today.

Is Your Car Road-Ready for Summer Travels?

Summer is almost here and, for many people, the beaches are calling! If you’re planning to explore some of Florida’s favorite hotspots this summer, now’s the time to get your car road-ready for summer travels. These tips from Insurance Warehouses of America can be helpful in prepping your car for summer in Orlando, FL.

Prepping Your Car for Summer

By preparing your vehicle in advance, you can look forward to safe, smooth summer travels. A full checkup by your mechanic should include the following:

Tire inspection

Florida heat can take a toll on your vehicle’s tires. If your tires are old or worn, you would do well to have them replaced before hitting the road this summer. New tires will reduce your risk of accidents or flats during your travels. You’ll also enjoy better fuel efficiency to help keep fuel costs down.


Your mechanic should ensure all fluids (oil, brake fluid, transmission fluid, coolant, etc.) are clean and at the right level to avoid problems with your engine during your travels.  


Make sure your brakes are working at top capacity. Functional brakes are a must to keep you safe from accidents.   

AC System

Have your AC inspected to make sure all parts are working properly. You don’t want an AC breakdown in the midst of your summer travels.


If you have the funds, consider investing in a few auto accessories to enhance safety and comfort for your travels. And don’t forget to pack a first aid kit and emergency kit in the event of accidents or breakdowns.

Update Your Auto Insurance

Lastly, make sure your auto insurance is up to date to protect you against any eventuality on the road. For help in updating your auto coverage, contact Insurance Warehouses of America in Orlando, FL today! 

The Benefits of Life Insurance for Single Parents

Life insurance isn’t just for married couples. When you’re a single parent, you’re responsible for your entire household. That means that if something happens to you, there may be no clear choice for who assumes responsibility for your finances. A life insurance policy will provide much-needed financial safety that answers those difficult questions if the scenario arises.

The Importance of Life Insurance for Single Parents

In a home with two parents, if one passes away, the other can assume financial responsibility for the household and care for the children. Unfortunately, a single parent doesn’t have that option. Without financial planning, your children and any other dependents in your household may be left in a difficult situation. Therefore, it’s time to determine which policy will work best for you.

Benefits of Life Insurance

Life insurance helps cover expenses that will continue after your passing. These expenses include house payments, debts, current and future education, childcare, and end-of-life costs. It creates a financial resource for your loved ones, allowing them to continue their lives while ensuring your children are cared for and without financial strain.

Determining the Appropriate Amount of Life Insurance

The appropriate amount depends on your lifestyle, financial obligations, education, healthcare, etc. While there are online calculators that can help you estimate those figures, you should also consult an insurance agent who can guide you through the process.

Looking for Life Insurance in Orlando, FL?

Choosing a life insurance plan can be a personal and emotional process. Our agents at Insurance Warehouses of America will help guide you through your options and help you pick the best policy for you and your family. 

Learn more about life insurance for single parents at Insurance Warehouses of America in Orlando, FL by calling us today.

Preventing Water Damage in Your Home

There are many tasks involved in maintaining your home and any possible risks to your home. But as the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Water damage is a key concern in homes.

Here are some tips on preventing it, courtesy of Insurance Warehouses of America serving the Orlando, FL area.

Preventing Water Damage

Maintaining and repairing the roof

One of the biggest sources of water damage is the roof. So it is extremely important to maintain the roof, and that starts with having it inspected frequently. Follow the advice of a reputable roof repair company as far as repairs. Also, if the roof has any problems, such as leaks or missing shingles, repair them promptly.

Monitoring all plumbing

Another key source of water damage in a house is plumbing. That is, there are leaks in showers, sinks, and other plumbing. Make sure to inspect and repair all plumbing promptly to prevent water damage. Keep in mind that some plumbing leaks and water damage occur behind walls and ceilings, so a professional needs to assess for plumbing problems.

Risks of water damage

If there is water damage in your home, the risks can be large. For example, water damage can lead to mold. And that can lead to major damage to the property, as well as health problems for anyone in the house. Water damage can also be costly and result in structural damage to the property.

There are numerous ways to prevent water damage in your home. If you need more information about this important topic, contact Insurance Warehouses of America serving the Orlando, FL area.

Special Considerations in Insuring a Sports Car or Exotic Car

Before you breeze around Orlando, FL in your new sports car or exotic car, you’ll need to insure it against loss. That means insuring it with auto insurance from Insurance Warehouses of America that fully covers its unique glory.

When you purchase an exotic vehicle or sports car, you choose full coverage auto insurance because you want to protect your financial investment from the expense of needing to replace it out of pocket. These unique vehicles cost upwards of $100,000, so insuring them against collision and natural hazards makes sense.

Collision and Comprehensive Coverage

To completely protect yourself from out-of-pocket expenses, we suggest a little insurance alliteration – the three Cs of collision and comprehensive coverage. The state-mandated insurance in Florida only protects the other drivers on the road. To protect yourself from financial loss from needing to repair or replace your vehicle, you need collision and comprehensive.

Collision reimburses you for repairs or pays for the cost of replacing a totaled vehicle when you damage or destroy yours in a collision. It doesn’t matter what you crash into – another car, a fence, the garage wall, etc. Collision pays you for the damage to your own vehicle. It also pays if you let your teen or spouse drive your prized possession, and they crash it into another car, a fence, the garage wall, etc.

Comprehensive covers all the things that no one ever thinks will actually happen until they do. It covers natural hazards, man-made perils, and random acts of nature. That catch-all policy protects from everything ranging from fire and wildfire to protesters at a riot. If it damages your exotic car, it is covered. Falling tree branches, luggage that accidentally falls out of a plane, even if Wiley Coyote accidentally dropped a piano on your car, this covers your loss.

Contact Us Today

Reach out to us at Insurance Warehouses of America In Orlando, FL for auto insurance coverage that fully protects you from financial loss if your sports car or exotic car sustains damage or gets destroyed. Call or email us today to get your policy started.

Don’t Leave Your Family in Need – Get Life Insurance

Do you have a family and live in or near the Orlando, FL area? Life Insurance can provide protection for them in the event of your passing. Our team of experts at Insurance Warehouses of America can provide this coverage.

Why Life Insurance?

Life insurance protects your loved ones from the potentially disastrous financial losses that could occur if something were to happen to you. It can provide financial security, pay living expenses, pay off debt, and pay medical or final costs.

A life insurance policy can provide a specific sum of money at a time when it is needed most. At your death, your beneficiaries will receive the policy payout immediately. A death benefit is not subject to federal income tax.

A life insurance policy provides peace of mind knowing you have in place a legacy for your family. Both you and your loved ones will know exactly what they will be receiving, as long as you keep the policy in force by committing to the premium payments.

Some of the benefits of a life insurance policy are:

It offers guaranteed protection for those who depend on you. The life insurance benefit acts as a financial safeguard.

Income replacement for your family when yours is no longer there. It can:

  • Pay off the mortgage
  • Pay for health care or childcare
  • Pay for tuition
  • Eliminate household debt
  • Preserve a family enterprise

As the benefit is tax-free, your loved ones can use every dollar you leave them.

As you pay your premiums, the whole life policy accumulates cash value that is guaranteed to grow to meet a variety of financial objectives. Whole life insurance makes you able to receive dividends. Though not guaranteed, when they are awarded, you can cash them in or apply them to premiums.

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Contact us at Insurance Warehouses of America to leave a loving legacy for your family. We proudly serve the residents of Orlando, FL and surrounding communities. 

Do I need to have home insurance in Florida?

Owning a home in the Orlando, FL area has continued to be a good investment. Not only have prices appreciated in value in recent years, but it has also helped residents have a stable place to call home. While it is not required by law to carry home insurance, there are still likely requirements for insurance that need to be met.

There are various reasons why you may need this insurance:

Protect Your Investment and Asset

An important reason to have a home insurance policy when you are in this part of Florida is that it is a great way to protect your investment. Buying a home in any situation requires a big purchase, and you will want to know that this investment is secure. A great way you can do this is by getting home insurance as it will offer financial support so you can replace or repair your home if you incur a covered loss. 

Comply with Obligations

You also should get a home insurance plan so you can comply with any requirements. Those that purchase a home in this area are likely to also take out a mortgage. Along with this, it is important that you meet the insurance requirements set by the lender. In many cases, you may also have to escrow your payments each month, which will give the lender comfort that you will remain covered. 

Contact Us Today

If you are looking to buy a home in the Orlando, FL area, it would be very smart for you to get proper insurance. Our team of experts at Insurance Warehouses of America can offer you the guidance you need to build your next policy. When you call us at Insurance Warehouses of America, you receive customized support and advice that will ensure you are appropriately covered. 

First New Car? Steps To Take

Your first new car. You sign the loan or lease agreement and get your keys, eager to hit the road with your new investment in mobility. Especially if your previous car was a beater, this can be a watershed moment for you. Insurance Warehouses of America can help you with this. We serve Orlando, FL and we can serve you.

First New Car? Steps To Take

Think Small

If you look for the smallest car that can fit your family, you’ll save money. Not only up front but in the long run. Up front, an average compact SUV runs more than $10,000 more than the average compact car, and that’s before the additional price in fuel and maintenance that an SUV will charge you (a typical gas-powered compact SUV will get 14-23 miles per gallon, while a typical compact car will go around 24-35 mpg). Cars are simply less expensive, both up-front and in the long run than SUVs.

It doesn’t have to be new-new

Many dealerships now sell “certified preowned” cars. These are lightly used vehicles that have no damage or mechanical flaws but have technically been used before. Many certified pre-owned vehicles are closeouts from the previous model year. This can be a great way to get a car that looks, feels, and drives like a new car without the price hit and depreciation costs of a brand-new vehicle.

Get Insurance

This is generally automatic. In many states, the dealer will not let you drive off the lot unless you have insurance for your new car. If possible, shop for your new car insurance before you ever set foot on the lot. If you’re shopping for a new car in the Orlando, FL area, talk to Insurance Warehouses of America so that we can help you get the best rates on your new car.

When Should I Update My Life Insurance?

Life insurance is not always on a person’s mind when they walk down the aisle, but for your coverage to have the desired impact, your insurance company needs to be made aware of any changes of this nature.

Not only will your beneficiary information likely be affected, but you may wish to update your death benefit if you carry the type of policy where that can be edited. 

When Should I Update My Life Insurance?

Life insurance is not a requirement for residents of Orlando, FL but can be a way to pass wealth down to descendants and can be used in tandem with other financial instruments, such as trusts or retirement accounts. Your Insurance Warehouses of America agent can give you more specific information in this regard. 

In the event that you get a divorce, you may no longer wish for your former spouse to be listed as an inheritor, as you may wish to name someone else, such as a relative or child.

If the person is under the age of 18, you may also need to set up a guardian to oversee their inheritance until they reach maturity. A momentous event, like having a child, is also one such time you need to speak to your life insurance company. 

All of these situations can affect the amount of debt you carry and the needs of your beneficiaries. Assess your total financial picture to determine the amount you will need to care for surviving relatives with every change in life. 

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Let us at Insurance Warehouses of America tailor a life insurance package to meet your needs. We serve those who live in Orlando, FL, and invite you to reach out to us with any questions you may have. Call us or stop by our office for more information today!

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